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Who said it was going to be easy?

Great morning!
Just had a thought. 🤔.  Why do people think anything great and worth having is going to come easy? 🤷🏾‍♀️
If that were the case, everyone would have the most amazingly, glamorous, chill lives ever! No matter how easy it may seem that the someone else is navigating life, don't get it twisted into a reality for yourself . A lot of the time we see the end product and may want that without knowing the path it took to get there. How many hours go into that end product? How many social events are missed for that end product? How little sleep goes into that end product? How much prayer 🙏🏾 goes into that end product? How broke they had to get to be that end product? How much betrayal from others go into that end product? It's so much. We have to understand, unless we delve into a person, we will only see the surface.
We are to make everything look easy and attainable because it is attainable. If we made paths look tough, EVERYONE would settle for mediocrity and not …

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