A Great Day!

Start every day believing that it will be great!

No, I'm serious! 

I mean, you cannot wake up and not believe God waking you up is not already a great thing. Yeah, it takes practice. It is habitual to love, appreciate, see the good if you succumb to the environment and fall victim to failure before it even happens. Who has ever seen a baby wake up just mad? A toddler, just mad? Kids usually get it right. 

There is a lesson in everything. Good or bad. There are so many blessings we miss or take for granted. A great day though....think about it. To wake up. You've already been blessed! There is a reason you are here and something you are supposed to get out of the day....or give in the day. 

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When I walk out of the house with my kids, before we get into the car, I say "it is going to be a great day!" I want to plant a seed for them. We can't complain. 

Just thinking. 
No room for negativity. 

I am Jackie

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