Dear God, You're the MVP

Today. Tomorrow. Always. God is always there because the plan is His, not mine. What is meant to be, was always part of His divine purpose and plan. Sometimes, I deviated off course, ignored His voice, closed my eyes to His signs and messages, but God remains God and isn't that more than great? 

He is greater than the best thing we can tangibly wish for. Beyond our simple reasoning. While we may try to rationalize, conceptualize, that is not our job. Our job is way simpler. Let God be God. Love God and live in the purpose He designed for you. Don't judge. That's a job of God's. Love. That's a job of ours. 

There is so much to distract from God and He still pours out blessings and an opportunity to get it right. I pray I get it right, for forgiveness where I fall short, for guidance to do His work, and I'm always grateful for each and every blessing. 

We're still in the Holy season, although God's work and requirements of us are daily. 

God Bless

I am Jackie

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