Remember, if it's yours, it's yours!

What God has for you, is for you! It was already yours. The design was in place for it to be in your possession, whatever it was. Person, place, or thing. 

We have to be mindful not to get caught up in the fickle or fleeting validation provided by others when we are navigating life....especially in our purpose because then what are we doing it for? No, it for them...meaning, those people that we get mad at for not showing up, not liking, not following through on what they said they were going to follow through on? Think about it. Every single thing we do, is already known. The end result, while we may alter the route to get there, it's figured out. Yes, work hard and diligently. Be pure in your heart and in your motives. Do and give your best. Have a humble presence. That sounds weird, huh? It's a balance. 

Love life. Live in purpose, on purpose. 

Yeah. What's mine is mine. 

I am Jackie

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