You can post what you want....but yes, it will be judged

Social media, social media. Who remembers the world before before social media?

Well, social media and technology allows everyone to share everything with everyone. Pictures, statuses, memes.....everything. Things that were once just shared amongst people that were close to you and that were likely to care, now are shared with EVERYONE!

People make statuses about the current state of their relationship, which may be good today and over next week. They bash their job. Very strong opinions may be given on a number of thoughts, ideas, subjects. Some questionable pictures may be taken. Some of these pictures may be very provocative or straight up disrespectful. People will make a status saying that they are leaving certain social media platforms. Oh, let's not forget the statuses that are full of grammatical and spelling errors....all of the time.

Yes, we are all free to post what we want. We should know that it will be met with an opinion. These opinions may not be ones you like, or they may be very flattering. Just know that if you post something, it is subject to criticism. It's odd that people still are shocked that something they post may be met with a scrutinizing eye. Remember, opinions are so fluidly common. What gives people the right to say something? Other than the first amendment, the same thing that gave the person the right to post whatever they wanted.

So, I may almost seem like rant. It's not that. It's a reminder to those that seem to have forgotten that they are not impermeable to the critical eyes and ears of the masses.

That is all....for now.

I am Jackie

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